Opportunities with Naruang Integrated Farm

As we continue to learn and develop our business, we have found ourselves ahead of the game in Northern Luzon and have now a firm foothold in providing a pure line “Large White Yorkshires”. A pure bloodline is having 87.5% or higher. We now have for sale our own GGP- F1 piglets. 

Naruang Integrated Farm is actively growing to meet the demands of its retail and commercial customers and now has commercial contracts to a local supermarket chain. Naruang Integrated Farm is looking for farmers to undertake both breeding and growing services.

3rd Party Breeders


Naruang Integrated Farm now supplies these pure-line GGP- F1 breeders to the public complete with all lineage and medical certification which comply with all local and national regulations. Animals may be pre-booked and are ready for collection at 120 days of age. Subject to compliance with Naruang Integrated Farms strict biosecurity procedures.

3rd Party Growers

Naruang Integrated Farm is also looking for farmers to partner in the rearing of our growing stock.

The basis of these arrangements is that the farmer provides the on-farm facilities such as land, equipment, buildings, labour, straw and water and Naruang Integrated Farm provide the livestock, feed, vet and field staff support.

These arrangements have worked well over many years since Naruang Integrated Farm started in 1960 and several farmers have worked with Naruang Integrated Farm for over 60 years and often 3-4 generations.

The demand for purebred pigs and pork is huge with demand increasing due to the current outbreak of ASF. So, there is a need for new and existing land and farm owners to look afresh at a viable business opportunity.

Pig producers and growers are proving popular with young farmers who are looking at an alternative enterprise to run on the family farm. Naruang Integrated Farm can supply purebred breeders and growing stock. This is a great way to supplement income on land that may be unsuitable for crop or plantations. Pigs complement an existing farming operation and are a business in its own right.

Pig Farming Facts

  1. Low start-up capital

  2. Profit depends on the production

  3. Pigs are clean and intelligent, so treat them well

  4. Good and nutrient-rich feeds should be given to them especially at the younger age.

  5. Good breeding practice brings out good result in pig farming.

  6. Pure foundation stock can be used for a longer time and even can be used for rapid expansion.

  7. Pigs are prolific animals i.e. they can give birth to many young at a time.

  8. They are less prone to diseases but are very susceptible to helminths (Parasitic Worms).

  9. They perform well under good housing management.

  10. They are to be given enough water to drink and wallow; because of their sensitivity to heat and lack of sweat gland to cool-off body heat.

  11. Faeces and effluent disposal problem may be encountered.

  12. Advisably, different breeds of pigs should be started with.

Breeding gilts hold a price of around US$4.54 per kg and with a weight around 90kg at around 6-7 months and are in great demand both locally and nationally.


Breeders are sold at 120 days, so as to give them time to adapt to their new surroundings and then for them to go grow and go into heat twice (oestrous cycles) before becoming impregnated. The gestation is 114 in length or 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days.


Our growers are also in high demand due to the quality of the meat that they produce with less fat than back-yard farms and more crossbred pigs with a low bloodline. 


Naruang Integrated Farm now has established contacts within the Philippines who now sell their own pigs and have forward agreements available for 3rd party breeders. Prices achieved are at market value and based on the weight of the breeder’s/grower’s pigs aged 120 days.

To see the current market prices please click here.

If interested in becoming a breeder or grower please contact tony@thepiggybank.info for more information.

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