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Pig Terminology 

  • Barrow – a male castrated before it reaches sexual maturity

  • Boar – a mature male used for breeding purposes

  • Farrow – to give birth to piglets

  • Feed Efficiency (Feed Conversion Ratio) – the amount of feed consumed to produce a pound of meat

  • Feeder Pig – a pig weighing between approximately 18-27kg

  • Fetal Pig - unborn pig

  • Finish – to feed a pig until it reaches a market weight, approximately 260-300kg

  • Gilt – a young female that has not farrowed her first litter

  • Nursery Pig – any pig weighing approximately 5 – 18kg 

  • Piglet – newborn pig, young or juvenile pig

  • Sow – a mature female that has farrowed at least one litter

  • Wean – to separate pigs from the sow


There are four primary stages in porcine production:

Breeding and Farrowing

  • Gilts are bred when they are approximately 6 - 8 months old.

  • Sows are bred approximately 3 days after piglets are weaned.

  • The gestation period for pigs is approximately 114 days.

  • Pigs farrow litter sizes average from 12 to 13 piglets.

  • The average birth weight per piglet is approximately 0.9 - 2kg.

  • Young pigs are introduced to regular pig feed at 10 – 12 days of age.



  • Pigs are generally weaned at three to four weeks of age.

  • Weaned pigs weigh approximately 5 - 7kg.

  • Weaned pigs are typically moved to a nursery and raised until they reach a weight of approximately 18 - 27 kg.


  • Pigs are moved to a finishing barn at approximately 8 weeks of age and approximately 18 – 27kg.

  • Pigs will remain at a finishing barn until they reach a market weight of approximately 260 to 300kg.