Naruang Integrated Farm

We are a breeder of purebred large white Yorkshire pigs based in North Luzon, Philippines. These purebred pigs come with full lineage and health history and certification.

The farm is ideally located for biosecurity as it sits on 1,552 hectares of land on a private estate which has been owned by the family for over 100 years.

We are one of the very few farms that specialise in raising purebred pigs for breeding stock.

Categories of Naruang Integrated Farm 

  • Production & Management

    • Housing Options for Farrowing

    • Daily Walking Swine Breeding-Gestation and Farrowing Sheds

    • Daily Walking Swine Nursery-Growing-Finishing Sheds

  • Business Management

    • How to improve current breeding ratios

    • How to Develop a Balanced Program

  • Swine Health

    • Commercial Swine Industry Biosecurity Principles

    • Environmental Sampling

    • Blood Collection in Swine

    • Lactation

    • Lactation failure in the sow (MMA)

    • Identifying Sick or Compromised Pigs

  • Animal Behaviour & Welfare

    • Handling Tools

    • Stress (RFI)

    • Sows and Space

    • Housing Options

    • Animal Behaviour

    • Working around the Animals and Piglets

    • Weaning

    • Aggression

    • Animal Comfort

    • Neonatal Management

    • Ethical Considerations

    • Stockmanship

  • Breeding & Genetics

    • Evaluation of Replacement Gilts

    • Swine Genetics

    • DNA Marking

    • Genetic Lines

    • Swine Insemination

    • Disease Resistance

    • Environmental Interaction for Pig Growth

    • Dietary Influence on Health

    • Litter Sizes

    • Freezing Swine Embryos and Semen

    • Gene Expression in Lines  

  • Reproduction

    • Farrowing Assistance

    • Ultrasound for Pregnancy Detection

    • Biosecurity & Hygiene

    • Lactation

    • Relationship between Purebred & Crossbred Performance

    • Replacement Gilts

    • Heat Detection for Mating

    • Boar Semen

    • Hand Mating

    • Hygiene and Sanitation

    • Gilt Management

  • Swine Nutrition

    • Calibrated Sow Feed Drops

    • Behaviour & performance

    • Nutritional Effects on Swine Quality

    • Optional feeding Programs

      • Nursery Feed

      • Feed for Gestation Sows

      • Swine Diet

      • Optimum Composition and usage Rates

  • Facilities and Equipment

    • Swine Housing

    • Sow Feed Drops

    • Sanitation and Waste Disposal

    • Swine Manure management for 1000 pigs

    • Facility Maintenance

    • Nursery and Weaning

    • Space allocation for Barrows and Gilts

    • Finishing Space

    • High Quality Sheds to Withstand Typhoons

    • Unique Identification Markers

    • Odour Control

  • Worker Health & Safety

    • Worker Safety Program

    • Fire Prevention & protection

    • Safe Animal Handling

    • Emergency Action Planning

    • Lifting

    • Slips, Trips and Falls

    • Regular Health Check-Ups

    • Good housekeeping

Contact Us

Sitio Naruang Lanna Enrile,

Cagayan Valley,

Philippines 3501

Mr Tony Cliffe

Farming Director

Phone:+63 (0) 9063544842


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