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Sitio Naruang Enrile,

Cagayan Valley,

Philippines 3501

Mr Tony Cliffe

Farming Director

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About Naruang Farm

Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Philippines

Located in the valley of Cagayan a 12-hour drive from Metro Manila, a vast expanse of thousands & thousands of acres of rich fertile agricultural land, containing hundreds of villages. Naruang Farm spreads across 1,552 hectares of land (Hong Kong island is 7,859 hectares), having been in the same family for over a century and operating since 1960 as a traditional farm growing rice, corn, chickens, and pigs. They have also been growing coconut, pineapple, guava and mango trees.

Pig breeding is highly sustainable and profitable as well as having a huge domestic demand for good and healthy breeding livestock. Pig breeding has many facets with uses from medical to food, revenue generation in the sale of livestock is huge and untapped. By localizing pig breeding into local communities, it helps us provide great employment opportunities to local farmers, wholesalers, and retailers to remain self-sufficient as well as supporting a host of other job opportunities.

All our piggeries are new and built to ensure happy pigs with twice a day bathing as hygiene is of utmost importance with a minimum of 2 full-time staff to manage each piggery on a daily basis. This helps the pigs as they become familiar with their handlers.

Meet The Team

Livestock Manager 

Naruang Farm will be one of the Philippines leading farmed owned businesses. It is run by farmers for the benefit of farmers and has been involved in livestock marketing since 1960.


The business extends to farming livestock for breeding large white Yorkshire hybrids. We are now expanding our operations and will increase our current capacity to 1,200 breeding sows’. This will assist in the development of the domestic Philippine market as we supply high quality, healthy and productive pigs.

By gradually increasing the domestic herd size in the Philippines, we can help to produce a sustainable supply of livestock at an affordable price and not be reliant on expensive imports.

Mr. Anthony Cliffe


Farm Director

Ms. Maria Galindo 

Farm Director

Mrs. Irene Galindo

Owner Of Naruang Farm 

Mr. Boy Galindon

Ms. Miriam Galindo

Office Manager