What is Pig Farming?

Pig Farming simplified can be broken into two categories:

  1. Pig production for raising and management of pigs for meat

  2. Pig producer to supply pig production 

Naruang Integrated  Farm specialises in the supply of pure line pig for breeding purposes.

This aspect of livestock farming has gained top recognition in most part of the world, except in Arabic or Islamic countries due to religious reasons. It is one of the lucrative agribusinesses in the West. (China is the largest pork production producer in the world.) It is a profitable business because the cost of production is low compared to other livestock farming business.


At Naruang Integrated Farm, through our professional pig breeding program, using the highest quality semen from our pedigree sires complete with lineage. We are able to produce a purebred bloodline (above 87.5%), which benefits both male and female piglets due to the pedigree traits to avoid inbreeding in swine.



  • High-performing breeding animals producing larger litters and therefore contributing to Naruang Integrated Farm's profitability.

  • Reduce the risk of disease transmission by unknown bloodline

  • Producing superior animals by preserving the genetics thus allowing the ability to expand the influence of genetic progress in diverse global locations such as the Philippines for longer periods of time.

  • Improve robust genetic options at an economical price

  • Producing quality boars to be used in other stud farms

  • Breeding & Health Certification

  • Commercial Boars

  • Gilts for Maternal Program

  • Animal Welfare Program

Inbreeding in Swine


Naruang Integrated Farm takes great care in its breeding program to ensure no cross-breeding, which causes genetic problems and inferior piglets and is known as inbreeding. NIF has strict records on each impregnated gilt and on the boar used to impregnated all its gilts, with GGP- F1 semen which is 100% pure line. We can trace all semen back to the original grandparents, this also stops any inbreeding at NIF. Also using GGP- F1 increases the size of litters and the condition of the piglets. They also grow quicker putting good weight on above none 100% pure line pigs. 

With pure line piglets, they are born heavier and increase in weight faster also their meat is leaner and skin not as thick this helps increase profits when the rejected pigs go to a processing plant. 

All the pigs at NIF have their own pen which stops food fighting and keeps them all safe from each other. Also, the pigs are guaranteed to get their exact quota of food required to produce large healthy litters.

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